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Ближайшие даты тренингов  и курсов подготовки к ТКТ:

Тренинг Подготовка к ТКТ. Модуль 1 Подготовка к ТКТ. Модуль 2 NEW! Teaching Young Learners
Даты 16 - 22 августа 2018 21 - 26 января 2019 9 - 14 января 2019
  14 - 19 января 2019    

Программа подготовки к экзамену ТКТ. Модуль 1

  • Presenting vocabulary. Phonology
  • Teaching functional language
  • Presenting grammar and communicative grammar activities
  • Developing productive skills: teaching writing / speaking
  • Developing receptive skills: teaching reading and listening
  • Motivation. Learner needs. Learner characteristics 
  • Presentation techniques and introductory activities.
  • Practice activities and tasks for language and skills development   
  • Approaches to language teaching. Focus on form
  • The role of error. Difference between L1 and L2 
  • Assessing learners: assessment types and tasks 

Программа подготовки к экзамену ТКТ. Модуль 2

  • Planning an individual lesson
  • Developing a course syllabus  
  • Identifying and selecting aims  
  • Identifying the different components of a lesson plan  
  • Choosing assessment activities    
  • International assessment system
  • Blended learning and use of teaching aids  
  • Selection and use of coursebook materials  
  • Reference resources and use of supplementary materials  
Программа тренинга "Teaching Young Learners"
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  • оставить заявку в главном офисе по адресу ул. Леонида Жаботинского (бывшая Правды) 45;
  • прислать запрос на polyglot@ukr.net.

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Подготовка к ТКТ

Ранняя регистрация 880 грн 
Регистрация 980 грн 
Ранняя регистрация заканчивается за 5 недель до начала курса.
* В стоимость включено обучение, все материалы, пробный тест ТКТ Модуль 1/2, сертификат участника, чай/кофе/вода. 

"Unexpectedly complicated but interesting course. Lots of new material, ideas to use while teaching. Your teachers are amazing. Very professional attitude to the process of teaching."

"… After attending this course I got a strong desire to develop. … The way we’ve been taught, the teachers we’ve been taught by...  Awesome. I’m looking forward to becoming a good teacher. Practice, practice, only practice!"

"I really appreciate the Summer school for Teachers. I’ve been inspired by lots of ideas. The ways of teaching grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary and speaking are new and helpful. Thanks a lot! I’m impressed by your perfection."

"Thank you very much for your training programme in Polyglot, for your special and wonderful teachers! I'm full of knowledge, impressions and plans for the future."

"Thank you very much for giving food for my thoughts and sharing your ideas! YOU ARE PROFESSIONALS AND VERY TOLERANT PEOPLE! Keep developing!"

We look forward to seeing you at our school!